Dedicated to creating opportunities for independence for people with disabilities with the gift of a task-trained service dog

and to enhancing the human-animal bond

Four Paws and a Wake Up-NC is a service dog provider for Veterans and others.  We consider the needs of the whole individual, not just the need for a service dog. We work with the individual to provide solutions to daily living situations to help the person gain the independence that they desire. 


Four Paws and a Wake Up-NC serves our community with a dedicated animal-assisted therapy program with volunteers and their dogs trained to work with people in our community. 

Serving People with Disabilities

Thousands of people can benefit from the gift of a service dog.  Yet, many do not know what a service dog can do for them or they do not know organizations can and will help; without charging fees.  Four Paws and a Wake Up provides trained service dogs on a limited basis  at no cost. 

Serving our Community

Providing Animal-Assisted Therapy traning and services in the greater Wilmington, NC and Raleigh, NC areas.

Owner Assisted Service Dog Training

In our 10-month Owner Assisted Service Dog Training Course in Wilmington, North Carolina, qualified clients will be offered to train their own service dogs under the direction of Four Paws and a Wake Up-NC staff and experienced volunteer trainers.

What's in a Name

The name Four Paws and a Wake Up Inc. comes from a military term referring to the wake ups a service member has before a new duty station, deployment, discharge or retirement.  In this case, it is the wake up the Veteran will experience after receiving their four paws.  


Four Paws and a Wake Up

Providing Services West of the Mississippi River

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Four Paws and a Wake Up-NC

Providing Services East of the Mississippi River