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Why Us?

Experience makes a difference in the services provided.  From the careful selection of dogs for training to the knowledge and experience training task-oriented skills to understanding the clients' needs, Four Paws and a Wake Up-NC has the experience.


  • Founded first service dog training program in North Carolina in 1996

  • Developed and launched a dedicated animal-assisted therapy training program for people and their dogs in 2002

  • First introduce the R.E.A.D. program in the community to provide knowledgeable therapy teams helping the children in our community learn to love reading 

  • First to start a military prison vocational job training program at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Brig in 2008

  • Successfully accredited the military prison vocational program as a United States Department of Labor certificate of apprenticeship

  • One of the first service dog providers to work with shelter and rescue dogs

  • First service dog provider to achieved full accreditation and renewal with the only accreditation agency for service dog providers

  • Developed the only east coast vocational job training program in the service dog industry

  • Certified over 1,800 animal-assisted therapy teams in North Carolina

  • Trained and provided over 100 skilled service dogs

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